Would you like a new finish or more durability? How about plating on a new material or type of plastic? Give us a call. We may already have the solution to your problem. With our process, the decorative finish has a rich, deep luster that is literally unmatched. If you’re the kind of customer who expects and demands this kind of quality, then call or email us today. We’ll answer all your questions promptly.   Chrome stripping - Technically you can’t chrome plate over chrome Sandblast - removes rust, corrosion, dirt, etc. from parts Repair/straighten (whenever necessary) Oil polish - 240 grit finish before plating Sisal buff - Even finer finish than oil polish Cyanide copper strike - Used for cleaning and promotes adhesion Acid copper - Adds to luster of finish Copper buff - Adds to overall luster of end finish Semi-bright nickel - Reflective Finish Bright nickel - Reflective finish Chrome plate - Holds it all together Wipe, inspect, and pack By combining premium suppliers with the styling talents of the best in the business and technical expertise, this team has created a level of performance that is unparalleled in the industry. B&L Plating, Inc. 21353 Edom - Warren, MI 48089 (586) 778-9300  -  fax: (586) 773-4366 PROTOTYPE  PLATING
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